Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here's what's going on in our 'neck of the woods'. First of all, thanks for your prayers. I have felt much more peaceful since my last posting.

We heard from our case worker on Sunday, and then again on Monday. She was able to make contact with our donor family. On Monday, many of my unfounded fears were dispelled! Hallelujah! So far, this family is everything they seemed to be on the profile we received. They still had a few questions for us, and are processing all of the various options for degreess of openness. Deb, our caseworker, called and emailed us yesterday to tell us that she should be talking to them again on Thursday to 'nail' things down. Maybe we'll have our paperwork early next week? Hopefully!!! This is a really big deal. Without this paperwork completed, we have no legal right to these embryos, and we're now 15 days away from transfer.

BUT- GOD IS IN CONTROL! On Monday, I read from Mark 5, where Jairius' daughter was dying and needed a touch from Jesus. On the way to the house, someone came and told Jairuis not to 'trouble the Master' because his daughter was already dead. Jesus' reply? "Do not be afraid. Only believe." I realized that I was being my own best naysayer. Just like Jairus, we are very, very close to a miracle. I don't need to panic or be afraid, but relax in the hugeness of God. I need to- "only believe."


  1. You are indeed very close to a miracle -- whatever happens. You have a miracle staring you in the face with those big almond shaped eyes each morning. I so pray that the next miracle is a sibling for your precious daughter. Thinking of and praying for you frequently, friend. ; )

  2. I'm so thankful to be a Christian - it's so comforting to rest in the care of our Great God!

    I hope you have that paperwork in your hands very soon! :)

  3. I am waiting for the final copy of our contract as well. I am also nervous that it won't get done in time or the family will change their mind at the last minute. But like you said, I keep telling myself God is in control, and He has carried us this far. He knows what He is doing. =)

  4. I'm believing with you that everything will work out in time- God's timing! Yay for September!!

  5. What we we do without our faith? I am honored to be His daughter! I pray that that contract arrives promptly!

  6. It's so nice to "meet" another fellow EA blogger! Congratulations on your upcoming transfer.

    I love this quote from you/the bible and I wrote it down for inspiration and to help bring me peace as I prepare for my upcoming transfer, which will be on October 6th.
    " we are very, very close to a miracle. I don't need to panic or be afraid, but relax in the hugeness of God. I need to- "only believe."

    Thanks for sharing and all the best to you as you grow your family.

    BTW: Your daughter is gorgeous!