Monday, January 17, 2011

Prayer Please

Please pray for my friend Kelly. She and her husband have been TTC for several years. They have done IVF multiple times. This past August- it worked! She is pregnant with twins, and they're due at the end of April. However, she's in pre-labor. She home on bedrest, but after a week and a half, she's still having contractions. Please pray for these little ones to hold on for as long as possible. Thanks friends!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

We're having.....

A GIRL! We are very happy and excited! Of course, we would have been happy and excited if we were having a boy, too. But, I've had a girl and sort of know how to "do" girl. Plus- our girls will be exactly three years apart. So- I have girl clothes, toys, and decor galore! The only thing we'll need for this little one is diapers and wipes. We haven't completely settled on a name yet, so I'll hold off on that for now.

We got several pictures, but this one is our favorite.
Look carefully and you'll see her tiny fingers on her forehead! :)

Our doctor was very pleased with the baby's development. She said that everything looked beautiful. She's also happy with my weight gain this time around. It's less than where I was with Gracie at this time in the pregnancy. I'm not sure how that's possible given all of the fudge I've consumed since Christmas!!! But- we won't talk about that!!!
I was so looking forward to telling Gracie that she's having a baby sister. This is pretty much how the conversation went, however.
Me: Gracie, are you excited? Our baby is a little girl. You're going to have baby sister.
Gracie: No, our baby is a boy baby.
Me: No, she's a girl. You are going to have a sister.
Gracie: Maybe we could get a cat.
Oh My!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Flutter, flutter

Well, my suspicions were correct the other day. I definitely am feeling this baby move. I love it! It feels like a little fluttering feeling in my tummy. It's nice to just be sitting quietly at the end of the day and feel this little life moving around. So sweet!
One of my pregnancy books says that 'generally, the baby will be born about 147 days-plus or minus 15 days- from the time the mother first feels the baby move.' (I love how they couched that time frame with two weeks before or after!) Nonetheless, for Gracie it was spot on. She was born 146 days after I first felt her flutter. If my calculations are correct, that would put us at May 28th for this baby. Pretty close to the actual June 4th due date, anyway, but interesting to think about!

We go for our BIG ultrasound one week from today. I'm hoping that the baby cooperates so that we can find out the sex. For the past several days, Gracie has predicted a boy. But, before that, she has always said "girl". So, she really isn't helping us figure out what we're having at all!

I've included a 'lovely' belly picture. I've been horrible this time around and haven't taken any pictures up until this past weekend when I hit the 18 week mark. When I'm pregnant, I sort of just get big all over. I don't really have that cute little bump. But, I love how my body is changing. It's very exciting and amazing to be able to experience pregnancy, ONCE MORE. I may have said this before, but when I was pregnant the first time, I was just as amazed with how God created my body, as I was with the new life that was being weaved inside of me. I was 41, had never been pregnant, and yet my body did exactly what it was designed to do to carry a baby. It was incredible to me. ---You are fearfully and wonderfully made---- had whole new meaning.