Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Next Step...

I had my lab work and ultrasound today. Everything, "Looked great!" So, I just follow the medical protocol from here on out. I was very relieved to hear those words!

But, would you all please keep us in your prayers? You see, we still haven't even started our open agreement process with our new donors. We have our first phone meeting with our caseworker from Bethany Christian Services on Saturday. I have no idea if she's contacted our donors yet, or where she is in the process. My husband says that I'm analyzing and worrying about this too much. He's probably right, but- where in the world would he ever get the idea that I analyze too much? Hmmmmm????? Anyway, given all of the weirdness during our previous two open agreement processes this time around- I'm a little nervous. I'm praying for no more surprises, curve balls, unique situations etc. You get the idea. I would soooo appreciate your prayers.


  1. ha ha! I SO know how you feel! If it's any consolation with you, we FINALLY have openness agreements (agreed upon but not signed) after a month of waiting! I guess there are 16 families doing open arrangements this month, so she's busier than usual i guess. i think your hubby is right -- not to worry, but I'll be praying! xoxo

  2. Praying everything goes smoothly!

  3. Hey Krisa,
    From one over analyzer to another, I totally understand how you feel! I will pray that all goes smoothly. : )