Friday, November 18, 2011

Little Miss Fru Fru

Hi Everyone~
If you read my last post, you are aware that I am now a stay at home mommy. Hooray! I love being home with my girls, but I still need to supplement my income. One of the things I'm doing is working with my mom and a friend of mine to jumpstart a business that mom and I started a few years ago. We call it, '~Little Miss Fru Fru~'. We sell accessories for girls of all ages. My mom is working her little fingers to the bone, as they say, adding embellishments to flowers, bows, leggings, tutus, etc. Lisa and I are doing our best to get our products into small retail outlets, craft fairs, preschools, and of course on FB. I haven't mentioned it to you all because I've been waiting for our website to be up and running. It is, but it still needs a lot of work! Nevertheless, I'm putting it out there for you to check out!

If you need anything 'FRU', please let me know!!!!

Here's a sampling of some of our favorites...Of course, I'm just a little more partial to the models than to anything on their heads!
Bloomers with lace- $10
Mary Jane Leggings with bows- $8
Headband with Burgundy Flower and Rhinestones - $8

Crocheted hat with Ostrich Feathers and Zebra Flower-$15
Hand-made Christmas Bow with Headband- $8 Purple bloomers and hat- $25