Friday, November 18, 2011

Little Miss Fru Fru

Hi Everyone~
If you read my last post, you are aware that I am now a stay at home mommy. Hooray! I love being home with my girls, but I still need to supplement my income. One of the things I'm doing is working with my mom and a friend of mine to jumpstart a business that mom and I started a few years ago. We call it, '~Little Miss Fru Fru~'. We sell accessories for girls of all ages. My mom is working her little fingers to the bone, as they say, adding embellishments to flowers, bows, leggings, tutus, etc. Lisa and I are doing our best to get our products into small retail outlets, craft fairs, preschools, and of course on FB. I haven't mentioned it to you all because I've been waiting for our website to be up and running. It is, but it still needs a lot of work! Nevertheless, I'm putting it out there for you to check out!

If you need anything 'FRU', please let me know!!!!

Here's a sampling of some of our favorites...Of course, I'm just a little more partial to the models than to anything on their heads!
Bloomers with lace- $10
Mary Jane Leggings with bows- $8
Headband with Burgundy Flower and Rhinestones - $8

Crocheted hat with Ostrich Feathers and Zebra Flower-$15
Hand-made Christmas Bow with Headband- $8 Purple bloomers and hat- $25


  1. These are so adorable! I especially love the Mary Jane leggings.

  2. These are so cute. It's stuff like this that makes me want to have a little girl. I have one idea for website. It would be nice if you added something talking about the high quality of the craftmanship (i.e. the flowers are sewn on not just hot glued). I love the bloomers!

  3. Hi Krisa!

    I was just blog hopping and linked to your blog through someone else's - I can't remember who! Must be my geriatric brain! LOL I just read about your second embryo adoption experience and wanted to say thank you for sharing your heart so beautifully. I am in the 2ww following our second embryo transfer at the NEDC. I am so encouraged to read of your pregnancy at 44 as I am 43. Our great God gave Sarah a baby at 90, so I know He can work with me at 43!

    Congratulations on your new endeavor and being a SAHM!!!! I look forward to visiting your new website!

  4. Love this stuff! I am definitely a repeat customer... in fact, i think i'll do some shopping now...!

  5. Krisa, thanks for your sweet comment about my babies' Christmas pics! Im so happy to read that you now get the priviledge of being a SAHM! In my opinion its just as tough if not harder than any outside the home job Ive ever had but sooooo much more rewarding! Excited for your new venture also - the products are super cute!

  6. Krisa! I am so very excited for you!! I hope your business booms : ) I will definitely shop soon. I love the cute website! Hope you all are well.