Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random Things....

It snowed 3 or 4 inches at our house this weekend!! This is very, very unusual for us. I loved it! There's something so peaceful about snow falling from the sky. Gracie had a blast playing in it yesterday. I gave her a plastic spoon and a sand bucket, and she was set. The home page on my cell phone is Gracie throwing a snow ball at the kitchen door. :)

I get very happy when I walk upstairs and see that the living room has been dusted and vacuumed. Ahhhhh.....the room is no longer mocking me!

God always provides! When I removed Gracie's summer clothes from her closet a few weeks ago, she had about four outfits left hanging. Then, my dear friend told me to come over because she had some clothes for Gracie. Boy! did she ever. The back end of my car was loaded with beautiful outfits from Gymboree and Children's Place. It took a few hours to get everything on hangers, and moved into their new home. Once the job was complete, there was barely room for another stitch of clothing. Thank you Lord, for taking care of my girl! Thank you Kim for your kindness and generosity!!! Here's a picture of Gracie sporting one of her new outfits...I know it looks like she's posing. Actually, I snapped the picture just before she ran off. She really wanted to watch Little Bear and not get her picture taken!
Karis has been eating solid food for a little over a week. Her first attempt was carrots, and she really liked the experience. She cried when I stopped feeding her! Her daddy had fun with big sister by saying, "Carrots ate Karis." Gracie would correct him, and say, "No, Daddy. Karis ate carrots!" That went on for quite a while...
I don't care for potty training. It's so frustrating. I know she(Gracie, not Karis) can do it. She just doesn't want to do it! I'm too tired to add much more to this subject right now. Maybe I'll devote a post to what's going on in that department, I don't know. For now, I'm praying that things will click for her very soon!!!!!!

Lastly, because I know my mother in law checks this blog often in search of new pictures, I'm going to post some pics that I took this afternoon. Enjoy, Shur Shur!
I love my girls!


  1. Thank you so much for the headbands! love love love them! 'Carrots ate Karis' -- ha ha. Gave me a good chuckle. Love ya, Byron.

  2. Gracie looks so grown up in her outfit! Cute pictures!

  3. Abel and Belle started solids a few weeks ago as well. Abel is slightly better with a spoon than Belle. Your girls are beautiful!