Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas experience. We had a great weekend together. We enjoyed two Christmas services, ate well, kissed our girls bunches, and reflected on our many blessings. As I've looked through the pictures we took over the past few days and see myself with two little ones, it almost doesn't seem like it is me in the picture. We have waited such a loooonnnng time for our children, I can't help but marvel at the wonder of it all. I never want to take parenthood for granted. We are a miracle family. That's for sure!
I had another "God Moment" this Christmas. I just have to share it with you. A few weeks ago, our church made several hundred dollars available to the congregation, on the condition that we'd take a portion and give it away. Immediately, I knew who I wanted to give money to. I thought of a little boy that was in my Morning Kindergarten Class this year. I thought that I still had his address, and if not, I was sure that I could get it from my former teaching assistant. Well, true to form, I procrastinated! Early on the 23rd, I got myself in gear and began locating this family's address. I didn't have it, and school was already dismissed for Christmas Break. So, I loaded up the girls and headed to the low-income housing apartments. I drove around, hoping to see someone I recognized; it didn't happen. I stopped at the office, and asked the manager to assist me. She spent 10 minutes looking through files, but came up with nothing. I made some phone calls, but got voice mail instead of someone who might be able to help me locate this family. Nothing. So, I prayed. I said, "Lord, I really thought you wanted me to give this money to this family, but I've messed up. Please help me find out where they live or show me someone else to give the money to." I went on with other errands. My last stop was going to be Wal Mart, but as I looked toward the area of town with said store, I just couldn't go there. The traffic was horrible, and I knew sticking with that plan was going to be painfully long. I decided to go the grocery store, even though I'd have to pay a little more for what I needed. A few minutes later, I was at our destination. I was just pulling into my parking space, and.......there was the mom of the little boy I had been looking for all morning!!!!! She was just leaving the store. Our eyes caught! I gasped, put the car into park, jumped out, tears streaming down my face, and ran to give this woman the card I'd prepared earlier that day. It was so amazing!!! Talk about a divine appointment, perfect timing. Our God is incredible!!! It makes me cry, as I recall the story to you. She was getting ready to load her car and leave. If I had been 5 minutes later, I would not have seen her. The love of God. How rich! How Kind! Wow! This experience, coupled with the day before, has built my faith. I hope it encourages you too!
I really need to go to bed, but I will leave you with few more pictures. One is Gracie at her Christmas program. She was so funny there. She just stood there most of the time, doing nothing. Then she spent the whole rest of the day singing the songs from the performance! I've been telling people that she has her own take on Christmas festivities. We got out the stockings...she put them on her feet! We took her to see the Christmas Light Show at one of our parks...she wanted to go down to the lake and look for turtles. We made a gingerbread house...she begged me to let her eat it. I finally gave in after a few days. We gave her Christmas presents...she spent all day opening them, not because she had so many, but because she was busy playing with the ones she had already opened! She is a funny girl who fills our lives with a lot of joy!

Ok- one more thing, then I've really got to go to bed, while the "getting's good". Karis is army crawling! Actually, today, she started moving one of her legs as she crawled too. I can't get over it, because Gracie was 9 months old before she started moving like that! I've always said that Karis is a mover and a shaker! She's sitting up for a few moments at a time, and babbles quite a bit! And, after studying her big sister, quite intently, she has begun to drink from a sippy cup....just a few sips at a time of course! She is almost 27 inches long, and weighs 15 pounds and some change...I can't remember what the nurse told me! She does have an eye that likes to cross, so I'm waiting to get referral to a specialist on that, but otherwise, she is thriving.

Good night all! Happy New Year!!! 2011 is year I'll not soon forget, but I'm ready for what 2012 has in store.


  1. TEARS streaming down my face about that God story. Isn't it awesome to just let go of the steering wheel and have God in charge? Sienna's genetic sis also had an eye that liked to cross and the dr's didn't 'fix it until she was 3. so way to be on top of it, mama!

  2. What an amazing story! I get goose bumps reading it. The girls are adorable!

  3. Great pictures! What an amazing story!!

  4. I happened across a comment you left @placingparents.org and read your comment/story about embryo adoption. I just got so giddy I couldn't help but hit the link you left for you're blog and check it out.

    My husband and I have been married for 8 years and are awaiting our upcoming embryo adoption transfer on Feb 10. I haven't met anyone who has heard of embryo adoption much less talked to someone who has actually tried it.

    I am just so happy that there are others out there and that I'm not alone :D