Saturday, May 28, 2011

39 Weeks Today

What a week! I started my maternity leave on Monday, mainly due to the fact that I had sooooo many things yet to do at home. I'm too embarrassed to post the video that I shot on Monday. I wanted to remember just what was going on around here, 8 days before Karis was scheduled to enter the world. Suffice it to say that it was rather difficult to navigate throughout the house without stepping on something! And the nursery....well, it was the worst room of all. We had exactly one onesie for Karis to wear. All of her other clothes were still under beds or in closets. The crib still had the same sheet on it, from several months ago, plus it was piled high with space saver bags. Next to the door was a huge pile of clothes that no longer fit Gracie. The rocker had a variety of items stacked on it. You get the picture!

Before any of that could be dealt with, we had to make room. So, Monday I cleaned out closets and made a large collection of things to take to Salvation Army. Then- that night- my parents arrived from Ohio!!!! Hooray! The cavalry came to rescue us!!! We have worked hard. Yesterday I got my suitcase packed, and even got to get my hair and nails done. We are now ready for baby girl to make her entrance.
I'd love for her to come today so that my doctor could deliver her, and so that my husband could have even more time to love on Karis before returning to work. But, so far, nothing is really stirring. I have had several braxton hicks contractions, and I'm pretty uncomfortable, but nothing consistent or FOR REAL! We'll let you all know if anything changes. We're so excited to meet our newest member of the family!!!!


  1. Yay! So exciting- I can't wait to hear that she's here! Her nursery looks great!