Saturday, May 7, 2011

36 weeks today

Hi everyone- I thought I'd write a quick update on how things are going. I had a dr.'s appt on Tuesday and discovered that my regular doctor has ordered Non-Stress Tests for me, twice a week until Karis is born. This isn't for any one reason, but because I had pre-eclampsia with Gracie, I've been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes this time, and she didn't say so on Tuesday, but....because of my age. :)
I was stressed about these Non-Stressed tests because it meant I would have to take time off of work. I've been out of leave for about 6 weeks now, and am docked pay each time I'm absent. I explained this to the nurse in charge of scheduling all of these tests, but she wasn't very willing to work with me. I really made it a matter of prayer in between appts. And guess what? Everything got worked out yesterday. I had my second NST at Labor and Delivery yesterday. When I told the Dr. on call about my concerns, she told me to go by their office, pick up the schedule, come back to the hospital and they'd re-schedule any dates that don't work for me to take place at the hospital. So, we're all taken care of now! Thank you Lord!
By the way, the nurse told me that I get the award for "the best non stress test results" for the day. Everything was looking great and my Karis was very active.
My last day at work is going to be on the 20th, which will give me a little of a week to rest and get ready for the big day!


  1. Glad that your non-stress test went well! :)

  2. So glad everything worked out well for you! Amazing what happens when we remember to ask God for what we need. Thanks for such a simple and great reminder!

    BTW... yes, my parents just went up to Winchester about a month ago to check out the place there again. I think they are still pondering between Winchester and Charlottesville. It will be some time anyway since they need to sell their house first.

    Can't wait until our babies arrive! : )

  3. Huge smile on my face. First, loved the pun about being stressed for your NST test. Cute. ; ) Also, LOVE how God just comes shining through on even the most "minute" prayer requests. Just to show that He is ALWAYS listening! I can't believe the final countdown is here!