Thursday, July 8, 2010


Why am I doing this? I'm a pretty private person, and I've never blogged before now. I'm a terrible FB user because I rarely post anything! However, we are preparing for our 2nd embryo adoption. In fact, we were supposed to travel to Knoxville in two weeks, but last Monday our plans were disrupted. After much prayer, tears, and counsel- we decided to look for new donors. I was totally at peace with our decision, even though I knew it meant a change in our timeline. But I so wanted to talk to someone who had been through this before. Even though I had been through this before myself- I wanted to talk to someone with a different thought pattern than my own! So, over the past several days I've been encouraged as I've read the blogs of complete strangers going through embryo adoption. I began thinking that someone else 'out there' may be looking for encouragement too, I am- writing my story!


  1. Loved reading your testimony about becoming a mommy!

  2. So excited to find your blog! Can't wait to follow along with you!