Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Here's the latest....yesterday, I received an email from Clydene at the NEDC. Both of our donor families have agreed for us to be recepients of their embryos. She is faxing all the information to Bethany headquarters in Michigan. Soon, we'll be hearing from them and will begin to work out our Open Agreement! Hopefully, this will go quite smoothly, since we just went through the process three weeks ago.
If you read my story about the past 12 months, you will know that Bethany's new fee for providing mediation through the open agreement, and for one year after birth really discouraged us. It's $3,000.00, on top of the fees you pay for the homestudy. But, I'm really glad they are doing it the way they are now.
We had a mediator 3 years ago. She was wonderful, and we instantly adored her! We even arranged to meet her when we travelled to Knoxville for our first FET. But, the 'working out' of our Open Agreement, was very general and layed back. She would ask how we wanted to handle a certain situation, like communication, for instance, and we'd say, "We really don't know. How have other people done it?" She would tell us what others had done, and we'd say, "OK, that sounds fine." This time around, we had at least 3, hour long phone meetings- answering questions, being given scenarios to think about, and finding out more details about our donor family. If we hadn't had those meetings, we wouldn't have discovered what we did about our original family. So....I'm gladly paying the fee, and thankful for the experience that Bethany and the NEDC have gleaned over the past few years.


  1. Hi Krisa!
    Glad you found my blog and glad I just now found your's! I am also pretty new in blogging and in my 40s! Being pregnant at 41 probably wasn't on my top 10 list of things to do, but I'll take it!! : )

    We will have to keep in touch and see if we are in Knoxville at the same time!

  2. Sounds like good news to me! Glad things are continuing to move forward for a September transfer.

  3. I just found your blog I too am a donor embie mommy.I have 7 month old son concieved using donor embies.I also have 5 and 7 year sons adopted through the foster care system.We are looking to try again this fall/winter with our remaining embryos.I am always looking to connect with other donor embie mommies.I welcome you to follow our story on my blog I look forward to following yours. -Megan