Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting You Caught Up, At Least in Pictures!

The past seven months in review....

The girls and I spent lots of time playing at the park this summer.  This was an exceptionally hot day- hence the red cheeks!

Our girls enjoying their books!  I love Karis' foot propped on the chair. 

Family pic from July.

Silly girlies!

Learning the fine art of playing princess. 
More pretending going on at our house.

On this day, many of my high school classmates were posting pictures of taking their children to college.  My child was working on independent use of the spoon!

Trying out sponge rollers for the first- and pretty much, last time.

The results!

I loved this!  They were playing doctor together!
A really warm day in October.  This was right after Gracie's first ballet lesson.  The fall leaves were a hit!

Thanksgiving Day 2012. 

The week before Christmas 2012. 

Januay 2013.  She's not a fan of the snow.

Big sister can't get enough.  She was having fun throwing her share of snowballs. 


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures...I have missed your updates. Gracie and Karis are beautiful! :)

  2. They look like they have so much fun together! So sweet.

  3. Oh I just loved all of these pics! What wonderful smiles!

  4. Lol!!! Love the look on Karis' face in the snow picture!! I on the other hand am like Gracie- LOVE the snow:) Love all the sisterly bonding, so sweet!

  5. Great pictures! Thanks for catching us up!!

  6. Glad everything is going so well! Looks like you have had a great 7 months.

  7. laughed out loud at the curls! ha ha ha. praise the Lord for the internet! miss you!

  8. Loved being able to "catch up" The girls look like they are doing wonderful! I am making a commitment to get back into blogging and check in with all my fellow bloggers more often :-) -Megan

  9. Hi Krisa,
    I'm blogging again ( if you want to catch up with us. I hope you'll post soon so I can get caught up with you, too!

  10. I laughed out loud and am smiling from ear to ear - GREAT PICTURES! I especially love the ones of them playing together! Our little boys are just starting to play together and my heart just cherishes every moment. (I just looked at the date of this post and wondered how I missed it. And then I remembered . . . . the twins were just starting their third month of life. Busy days indeed with no computer time. lol) Time for another update girlfriend! :)